Being the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus offers a wide range of exiting architecture, lots of shopping and business opportunities and many different sights which the participants of Football Festival® Denmark can enjoy in between the many football matches.

Among the more famous land marks of Aarhus, is the City Hall, which is designed by the famous Danish architect and furniture designer Mr. Arne Jakobsen. The City Hall is built in the 1930’s.

Not far from the City Hall, you find the Concert Hall and the Museum of Modern Art, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum offers a wide range of different exhibitions.

The Old Town “Den Gamle By” Open air museum, allows you to get close to buildings and a city environment dating back several hundred years.    And prehistoric museum, Moesgaard Museum, will take you even further back in time with exhibitions of the Danish Viking period. The Viking museum   and the Aarhus Cathedral are other sights which you shouldn’t miss as a guest in Aarhus.



Besides the many football matches during Football Festival® Denmark, Aarhus will give you the opportunity to have many cultural experiences and impressions.

In the same period of time as Football Festival® Denmark, one of the largest Viking Gatherings at Moesgaard is held. Here thousands of Viking enthusiasts from many different nations meet. They dress the part, fight the fights of true Vikings and ride along the beaches of Moesgaard on their more than 400 Icelandic horses.

Aarhus play host of many kinds of musical concerts, whether it is classical or modern music. The many different music venues also include open air events.

All through the summer, Tivoli Friheden is open for the public, and as a participant of Football Festival® Denmark you get to experience one of the country’s largest amusement parks at favourable terms.


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The climate in Aarhus changes a lot! In the spring months of May and April, it can be very mild, hotter in the summer months of June till August. The weather is often windy and with a lot of rain in the fall months (October till December) and sometimes very cold in the winter months from December till March.

In July the average temperature is about 22 degrees, the month of July offers approximately 200 hours of sunshine, but unfortunately also an average of 67 millimetres of rain (source: www.dmi.dk)
The weather at the end of July – the time of Football Festival® Denmark- has for the most part been good, seen over the last nine years. In 2003, 2006, and 2008 the weather was so fine that it was almost like a heat wave. We have experienced rain at Football Festival® Denmark, but the tendency is clear: When thousands of Football Festival® Denmark participants comes to Aarhus, the weather tends to be good!

The weather right now
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