School accommodation

In the standard package (A-card) accommodation at a school is included.    You do, however, still have the possibility to stay elsewhere, e.g. in a hotel – learn more about alternative accommodation here. You can also get more information about alternative accommodation by calling us directly at +45 70 28 20 21.

The participants at Football Festival® Denmark are accommodated at   schools located around the Vejlby Risskov Sports Centre. If you stay at a school which is located more than 1 kilometre away from the FF®D Centre 1, you can hop on one of the shuttle busses that are made available to the participants of Football Festival® Denmark. If possible, every team is given   a classroom of their own, and according to agreement with the FF®D responsible at the school, this room is guarded when the team is away playing matches. If there are more teams from the same club, efforts are made to accommodate them at the same school. Some teams may get to stay in gyms with other teams, but always from the same club. Boys and girls are never stay in the same room.
Participants must bring their own air mattress and sleeping bag. However, Football Festival® Denmark does rent out foam mattresses at € 20 – these will have to be pre-ordered. Note that we only have a limited number of mattresses available.
If you have special requests in regards to school accommodation, we urge you to make these well in advance of arrival. We do try to comply with wishes about male coaches/managers of girls teams wanting their own room, but we cannot guarantee that all wishes are granted.
Important: Deposit!

Remember that all teams must pay a deposit of DKK 500 at arrival. This amount is paid back in full if the class room is returned in the same state as it was when you arrived. Note that the rooms should be left exactly as it looked when you arrived –meaning that the chairs and tables are pushed to one side etc.