Talented and dedicated referees are a prerequisite for good experiences in a youth soccer tournament.Together with DBU Jutland we select neutral referees for all matches during the tournament. The judges come partly from Aarhus Football Referee Club, other referee clubs in Denmark – and a significant part come from foreign referee clubs.

In all the preliminary matches, the teams must themselves provide linesmen, except for G17 Elite Cup, which has a referee trio for all matches. Starting with the semifinal matches in the A final playoffs there will be neutral linesmen in 11–a- side classes. In the B-finals there will be neutral linesmen in the 11-a-side finals.


Football Festival® Denmark is an international youth football tournament with teams from around 20 different nations, and we want to mirror this in the tournament referee staff.

Therefore, we each year seek referees from around the world who want new sporting challenges and experiences among referee colleagues and the unique Football Festival® Denmark mood.Therefore, it is required that our referees have good English skills.

We offer our visiting referees from abroad an attractive “package price”: our famous Football Festival® Denmark buffet, drinks, accommodation at the school/gymnasium with mattress, professional and social events. All referee assignments are subject to a fee of 6-12 euros per match, depending on class and playtime.

As a referee you have the opportunity to earn a special bonus: Bring a club team from your area for Football Festival® Denmark at A-card and earn £ 750!

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