Food & beverages

Every year the food at Football Festival ® Denmark gets much appraisal from the participants.

The professional chefs at Football Festival® Denmark knows how much energy young people need when there are matches to be fought on the fields many days in a row. That is why, every day the chefs come up with delicious menus, put    together in the philosophy that the dining hall should be both an experience in itself as well as a means to be “refueled” as it were.

The chefs only use high quality raw materials, and at every meal you will find fresh vegetables, so that even vegetarians won’t go hungry. Even guest with from other cultures won’t go hungry, as everyday offers more than one alternative to the main menu. A couple of times during the festival-week, the chefs come up with surprises which traditionally create much joy at the dining tables. The aim is to make Football Festival® Denmark a culinary experience as well as a football experience.

Special meals

The buffet at Football Festival® Denmark is so varied and exiting that even the most fastidious participant won’t go hungry. To a certain extend the chefs also prepares special meals to those of the participants who suffers from diabetes or allergies. However not all whishes – for example gluten free bread –can be complied with. Please notify the main office of special meals requests before July 15 and our team of chefs will try to comply with you whishes.


Menu next year

The Football Festival® Denmark chefs are always willing to listen to suggestions for the menu for next year.

By voting for one of the dishes here, you can help us put together the menu for next year.


This is what goes down backstage in the kitches as Chef Martin Ib and his team work hard to feed the many hungry footballers