Tournament design

The idea behind the Football Festival® Denmark tournament structure is to offer all participating teams competitive matches on alle four match days. That is why the tournament is divided into preliminary rounds and playoffs with placement matches. The structure of the tournament is not seen similar at other major international youth football tournaments.

All teams are divided into groups of 4 teams – in some cases groups of 5 teams – and all teams play against each other. The best teams go on into A-section and the others move on to B-section where every team play matches until every placement in class is clarified.
In the qualification round, the teams are once again split into groups of 4 teams – in some cases groups of 5 teams.

Note that in classes containing 16 or more teams, there is also trophee for the B-final. In all classes we will secure as many compeditive matches as possible.

In some classes – among them the G17 Girls Elite Cup – another tournament structure may be prefered.

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